The first Tweed Valley Walking Weekend was held in May 2014 following the success of the 19th annual Scottish Borders Walking Festival, which was hosted by Innerleithen, Walkerburn and Clovenfords in September 2013.

Walk grading

Festival walks have been graded as follows:

Easier: Walking experience isn’t necessary for these as distances are relatively short and paths and gradients generally easy. These walks will be taken at a relaxed pace, often spending time at places of interest, and are suitable for family groups.

Moderate: Up to 9 miles/14.5 kilometres distance with up to 1300 feet/395 metres of ascent. These walks generally follow well defined paths, though sometimes in hilly or upland areas which may be rough or steep in sections. These walks are suitable for most people of average fitness.

Harder moderate: Up to 10 ¾ miles/17.3 kilometres distance with up to 2830 feet/860 metres of ascent. There may be some sections of steep ascent and rough terrain on these walks which are more suitable to those with a good level of fitness.

Harder: Up to 13 ½ miles/21.7 kilometres distance with up to 2625 feet/800 metres of ascent. These walks are generally longer/more strenuous and there will be sections of steep and/or sustained ascent and descent and will often be rough underfoot. These walks are more suitable to those with a good level of fitness and stamina.

These walk grades together with the walk length, ascent (where this is significant) and route description will enable walkers to select a suitable walk for their capability and interest.

Registration centre

Walkers should arrive at the to the walk registration centre 15-20 minutes before the scheduled set off time. This will be located in Innerleithen Parish Church, Leithen Road, Innerleithen, EH44 6HX and will be signposted throughout the weekend. Free parking is available on Leithen Road and nearby streets.

Health and safety

We are committed to running the walking festival safely and appreciate your cooperation with this. However, participants take part in walks at their own risk and we cannot accept responsibility for any accident or injury. If you have a health condition that you think is relevant, please make the leaders aware of this prior to your walk. Dogs (except guide dogs) are not allowed on festival walks. Persons under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a paying adult. Participants are asked not to smoke on walks or at events.

What to wear and bring

To enjoy the festival safely and in comfort, it is essential that you come equipped with suitable footwear, clothing and equipment. Scotland is famous for its changeable weather, so our advice is to come prepared for all eventualities.

Clothing & Footwear

  • Waterproof jacket and over-trousers
  • Walking boots providing ankle support and good grip for Long, Moderate and Strenuous walks, waterproof walking shoes with good grip are advisable for Easier walks
  • Good walking socks
  • Trousers suitable for walking
  • Thin fleece or jumper plus a spare – several thin layers are more effective than one thick layer of clothing
  • Warm hat and gloves
  • Sun hat


  • Rucksack with waterproof liner
  • Water bottle (at least 1 litre)
  • Thermos flask for a hot drink
  • Survival bag
  • Spare high-energy food (e.g. glucose-based confectionery)
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Sunscreen

Optional Equipment

  • Walking poles or other suitable walking stick useful for awkward descents
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunglasses

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